Let’s add Hardee’s to Chick fil-A: places to go to celebrate America.

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Bruce Rauner plays the Chicago Way, appoints Dems Daley and Poshard to GOP transition team.

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The Illinois Combine is alive and well – in fact, Illinois Republicans followed tradition when they elected Bruce Rauner governor Nov. 4th. Governor-Elect Rauner crossed over the aisle on Thursday to announce his transition team which includes Democrats such as former White House Chief of Staff Bill Daley, former Congressman Glenn Poshard, and former State Senator Rev. James Meeks, plus moderates including former Governor Jim Edgar, Congressman Aaron Schock and Pastor Corey Brooks.

Illinois politics-as-usual, before the regimes of Blagojevich and Quinn, meant the Democrat legislature (ruled by Mike Madigan) combined with faux Republican governors (think Jim Thompson and George Ryan) to provide cover for the state government – which then kicked the fiscal can down the road. Business as usual. The only surprise is that it begins only two days after the transformational Rauner campaign ads came to a halt.

Good government on the reform agenda with Walker’s historic win in Wisconsin.

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Glad to read that Speaker of the Wisconsin Assembly Robin Vos is planning to move forward to

reforming Wisconsin’s unique John Doe law, which Vos said has given even well-meaning district attorneys the opportunity to conduct “a witch hunt.”

This legislation has been used to make Gov. Walker’s first term(s) a misery. But it has also succeeded in ruining the lives of members of his staff – who have little power to defend themselves and have seen little support, even from Walker himself. Consequences.

Election Day Stories of Disenfranchisement #ChicagoWay


Why is anyone surprised that there would be voting irregularities in Chicago of all places. These are two stories about two lawyers, one who tried to vote in a West Jefferson St. precinct and another who tried to vote in Lincoln Park.

Early in the morning, before work, lawyer #1 was given only a one-page ballot; the second page, which she knew contained the referenda and constitutional amendment questions, was just plain missing. The voter’s complaint brought in assistant states attorneys who were confounded as to why only the first page was given out. The Chicago Tribune later reported that this occurred multiple times. Apparently, election judges in some cases were unaware that they needed to distribute two pages, and the additional ballots were found in a corner, still in their cellophane wrappers. Solution for lawyer #1: the choice of voting only the first page or not at all.

Lawyer #2 hurried into the Lincoln Park precinct before a business trip. He first received a paper ballot that already had been filled out. When he questioned the election judges, they accused him of filling out the ballot himself. He demanded a second ballot, which he then completed. The judges refused to allow him to insert the ballot into the computer; instead, they put it into a pile for “later processing.”

Incompetence or corruption? More training for election judges or more compensation? The same old questions – but things seem to be getting worse and worse for voters.



Rebel Pundit rebels now engage the nation; black activists speak truth to power.

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As Chicago goes to the polls to demonstrate (or not) loyalty to the Machine, even the Wall Street Journal editorial board seems to have taken notice that there is a change in attitudes and actions looming.

. . . four black activists in Chicago question whether black political leaders, from Mr. Obama down, are addressing the genuine needs of their community. “There’s a black-on-black crime down in city hall, there’s a black-on-black crime down in all the state capitols in America, where black folks are voting against our interests,” says one man while standing in front of a Cook County prison. Another man questions President Obama’s efforts to lift the minimum wage: “We don’t have any jobs. A minimum-wage raise for what?”

The awakening is beginning, led by these four courageous men. If you have Blaze TV, watch them shine on yesterday’s Dana Show. Amen and amen.

Paul McKinley (conservative, the ‘hood) has the better message. #AlertGOP2016 #ForgetMushyModerates

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Desperate Dems move on to voter intimidation.

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Voter fraud moves on to fraudulent voter intimidation. Rush Limbaugh talked about this happening all over the country yesterday.

We will be reviewing the McHenry County official voting records after the upcoming election. If you do not vote this year, we will be interested in hearing why not.”

This official-sounding letter was reported by the McHenry Co. Blog after a District 5 voter received it. The signature at the bottom turned out to be the Committee to Reduce Income Inequality and to Support Human Rights.

Here’s proof of Illinois voter fraud: early voting touchscreens rigged to Democrats.

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Evidence of voter fraud in Illinois are mounting, as more voters record instances of Republican votes switching over to Democrat candidates in early voting touchscreen voting. A Republican candidate for office in Schaumburg saw that his vote for himself was switched to his opponent on the ballot. He also noted that his attempt to vote for 8th Congressional District candidate Larry Kaifesh was changed to a vote for Democrat Tammy Duckworth. 19-year-old voters in Moline (above) had a similar experience.

Remember to proofread your ballot on election day – especially if using touchscreen; there is no paper trail saved to prove your vote.

Does anyone actually believe these examples are one-offs?

American heroes on the right.

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The Legal Insurrection blog (Cornell Law professor Bill Jacobson) has a terrific synopsis of the Rebel Pundit video archives – including a clip from yesterday’s Dana Show on Blaze T.V. – awakening black Americans to the real Democrat agenda.

UPDATE. Here’s what Rush Limbaugh said on his show today about Rebel Pundit and the patriots he interviewed in Chicago. Via LegalInsurrection.com.

Do Democrats really want to bet the ranch on this spokeswoman giving out this message? #embarrassment

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