Community organizing has come home to Chicago, and residents will have to swallow the main dose during the G-8, NATO and Nobel Prize extravagandas in May. But for now, the Chicago Teachers Union is practicing its “protests” on local officials. Yesterday, about 500 union activists converged on Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s home in Chicago ( Earlier similar groups conducted a door-knocking protest at the CPS Adminstrative Chief’s posh home on Blackthorn Lane in Winnetka. Like the public sector unions in Greece, Chicago teachers are having a hard time stomaching any kind of reductions – even when it becomes clearer and clearer that Illinois pension and benefit promises are unsustainable. For the moment, Mayor Emanuel is negotiating with the teachers union to curtail the 30 percent salary increases they have demanded (over two years). In addition, underperforming schools may have to be closed or turned over to private management firms to get some results – for the children. It’s always good to remind Cook County (and the rest of the world) that tax revenues are not collected as a charitable benefit for public employees.