Kenilworth Union Church invites uber-partisan Dick Durbin to speak while Church-member Mark Kirk recovers from stroke. #badtaste

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ConservativeBrand’s own home church, Kenilworth Union, always known for not bringing politics into the sanctuary, has invited Dick Durbin to speak to church members, using the excuse that Senator Mark Kirk has spoken in the past. This highly unusual departure from Kenilworth-style decorum is particularly egregious given the fact that 1) Kirk did not address the church (where he is a member) for political purposes and 2) Kirk recently suffered a debilitating stroke and is in the early stages of recovery. Here is how the church advertised the event:
“United States Senator (IL) Dick Durbin will speak at Kenilworth Union Church on Wednesday, April 4 at 7:30 pm. He will address his view of the U.S. economy and also the sources and solutions to Congressional gridlock. Senator Durbin is the Assistant Majority Leader, the second most important role in the Senate.”
This does not sound like a topic of a non-partisan nature – which would make news as a first for this speaker. This is one time that Mark Kirk’s supporters should turn out to protest!

Anti-Affordable Housing group WHOA halts carpetbagger libs trying to turn Winnetka into Evanston. #freedomspeaks

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Score one for Winnetka activist Carry Buck’s WHOA Tea Party-style group that prevailed in the March 20th referendum on affordable housing. The NO voters vastly outnumbered proponents of affordable housing in the non-binding referendum, leaving Interfaith Housing’s Gail Schechter complaining that the wording of the measure must have misled Winnetka voters. Instead of declaring victory and moving on, Buck should build on WHOA support to promote better candidates running for local offices, for instance for the Winnetka village board. Let’s hope that the WHOA taxpayers do what Tea Partiers have discovered is their primary role – to keep a close eye on the behavior of the politicians they have elected. To re-coin a phrase, democracy is not a part-time job.

Illinois pols knew their corrupt deals with unions were unfunded; now they want local taxpayers to pay the price.

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Illinois politicians are running out of ideas for finding new tax revenues to cover their corrupt deals on pension funding with public unions over decades. Now state Senate leader John Cullerton has come up with the idea of dumping the pension liability onto local school districts. The vast property tax increases this would entail could throw many school districts into bankruptcy. Wonder if Wilmette District 39 taxpayers will welcome seeing their taxes doubled (or more). Learn more at Illinois Review about this strange and costly solution.

The inconvenience of the hot mic: overconfident Obama? #VetThePrez

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Bill Cadigan remains the New Trier GOP committeeman (sort of) – but does the Cook County GOP (remain) irrelevant? #ChicagoWay

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Updating earlier posts about the “firing” of NTRO Committeeman Bill Cadigan, it seems that Sig Vaznelis, the Cook County GOP chairman, was a no-show at the planned meeting Saturday among Cadigan, Vaznelis and Republican State Senate leader Christine Rodogno. Later, Vaznelis informed Cadigan that he would be reinstated as NTRO committeeman as soon as he (Vaznelis) is re-elected as chairman of the Cook County Republicans. Cadigan’s response to this head scratcher was to take the high road, stating that he considers himself the elected head of NTRO and will proceed with business as ususal. Case closed. (We think.) And Bill Cadigan adds a big thank you to bloggers who sent strong messages to the Cook County regime.

What’s this all about? The Cook County Republican Convention is scheduled for this April (date unspecified). At the convention, the Chairman of the Central Committee of the Cook County Republican Party will be elected to a four-year term. Sig Vaznelis is filling out a term for a resigned chairman and seeking re-election. The way these votes take place is this: each ward (city of Chicago) or township (suburban Cook County) casts a weighted vote depending on the actual number of GOP primary voters in that ward or township. For example, Wheeling Twp. GOP Committeeman Ruth O’Connell would control a vastly larger weighted vote than any individual city ward committeeman – same goes for Bill Cadigan in New Trier Twp. The problem facing Cadigan is that, having been fired officially by the Cook County chairman, he loses his vote (and all the New Trier weighting) in the election this April.

Although few outside the weeds of Cook County politics are paying attention, this heavy-handed move on the part of Sig Vaznelis is one more example of voting the Chicago Way. It may be worthwhile for New Trier voters to form a posse – maybe including favorite sons like Mark Kirk, Bob Dold and even newly minted Texan Tolbert Chisum – to join other sensible Republicans in righting this wrong.

How Romney can win Tea Party support and end the endless primary. #bonusVeepPaulRyan

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Many summers ago I was an intern in the office of 10th District Rep. Donald Rumsfeld. When the congressman asked one day if I was satisfied with the work, I responded that I would like to write his speeches. Well, it never happened when I was a college junior; but I remain convinced that I can write the defining speech for the 2012 presidential election campaign. (File under: hope.)

The Mitt Romney speech that is what he needs to win the conservative/Tea Party vote:

 The 2012 election is all about liberty and individual responsibility. Our political system sits at a fulcrum point: at stake is whether Americans will opt for a revival of their founding principles, like equality of opportunity guided by the laws of the Constitution, or whether the electorate will choose to relinquish individual freedoms to create a utopian entitlement state.

ObamaCare is the first step in the central economic planning agenda and therefore must be the focus of the election. It aims to replace our admittedly flawed, already heavily regulated, private health system with centralized government allocation of health care resources. We are fortunate to have several very visible experiments with central planning on hand to measure the costs and benefits of moving to more government control.

The western European countries and Canada have lived for decades with nationalized health care. The results have included rationing, long waiting periods, less scientific innovation and general dissatisfaction with medical services. Many patients, when they cannot afford to purchase outside the public system in their home countries, choose to travel long distances for medical procedures currently offered in America. Likewise Massachusetts, the state where I (Romney) was governor and implemented centralized healthcare, has seen increased costs, bureaucratic mismanagement, and deterioration of services. Clearly the United States market is vastly larger and more complex than these failed experiments have had to tackle. So I will state unequivocally that I have learned from my own Massachusetts model and from the evidence of Europe that health care, and health care insurance, must remain a private, market based system. That is my position.

Questioning the foundations of a system can be good; correcting what is imperfect is good. But there is no evidence that human nature has changed; people still want the freedom to own their own labor and the property it earns. Free enterprise, whatever its flaws, always will trump the tyranny of central planning.

Written to and for presidential candidate Mitt Romney, by citizen speechwriter, ConservativeBrand

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ConservativeBrand and a friend have lucky seats at a rally for George Bush in 2000. Our prayers are with Vice President Cheney as he recovers from heart transplant surgery. He was our hero then, and he still is.

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