ConservativeBrand‘s (much) better half, a.k.a. Herbie from Chicago, called into the Dennis Miller Radio show today with his personal take on (sadly) what is now the Breitbart legacy. He remembers Breitbart as non-stop authentic: a warrior who was ferocious in his public speaking . . . and even more so in a one-on-one conversation. Most of all, Breitbart was never anything but relentlessly on the offensive. No playing defense, no pandering, no appeasing.

You didn’t have to look far to find Breitbart getting visibly and publicly frustrated. Who wouldn’t, if the goal was to make a difference? Make a list in your mind of the current crowd of politicians – which ones take a stand without couching their rhetoric in apologetic marshmallowness? There are only a couple of examples of real leaders who would rather lose the election than compromise; the ones who come to mind would be Governor Scott Walker and Newt Gingrich. People with checkbooks should perhaps guide their support in those directions.