Andrew Breitbart: Our Fearless General

March 1, 2012


Many things are being said about Andrew Breitbart with the shocking news of his passing last night. There were three words used time and again to describe him by the people I knew who were part of his world, “Our Fearless General.”

Andrew lifted the veil covering the true war being fought inside America between truth and deception, freedom and tyranny, and good and evil. He unmasked the media in a way that has never been done before, exposing what we in America are truly up against in the struggle to maintain the blessings of our founders. He declared and publicized the ongoing civil war that began many years ago, that we were unaware of, and is still far from over.

I find it utterly unfortunate to read headlines declaring the “untimely passing of conservative commentator Andrew Breitbart.” Andrew was not a conservative commentator, at least not to me. When I met Andrew a little over a year and a half ago, I knew instantly this was a man I would follow into battle against the greatest opponents of freedom and liberty America–and quite possibly the world–has ever seen.

Andrew could spot the forces lurking in the dark shadows of the American left and, as he described it, the liberal-media complex, better than anyone who walked among us. He could see the battle lines drawn on a digital battlefield just as General Washington saw them through the colonial forests. He led an army of amateur activists, amateur journalists, watchdogs and modern day warriors picking apart the tactics of Saul Alinksy’s red army of community organizers, just as Washington led an untrained militia to take out the British generals, leaving their soldiers undirected and ripe for defeat.

Andrew’s fire was contagious. I caught it from him, and I have many amazing friends that are each blessed to feel the same flame. Andrew lit the torch of truth, he carried in front of all of us, he led us into battle and we anxiously followed.

Today is sad day for America, it is a sad day in the battle for freedom, but it is a day that Andrew’s torch is burning brighter than ever before. I know it, because I can feel it. I feel a greater sense of responsibility to continue this fight. I know in my heart that it will still burn in me, and it will still burn in everyone who stood next to him in the “scrum” until each of our last precious breaths.

I will miss you Andrew, I am glad to have known you as a friend, I will carry out our cause and fight as you did until my last dying breath.

Thank you General Breitbart,