How depressing is it that we have to learn that even radio icon Rush Limbaugh can err in a moment of un-discipline? There were so many ways to criticize the 30-something law student, Ms. Fluke (whose entire resume consists of promoting 1960s-era feminism – defined as the anti-fertility, gender-blender, women’s studies jihad on males, especially if they happen to be Caucasian.) Rush slipped up – resorting to ungentlemanly name calling – and slithered right into the trap. BigChicago’s own political guru, David Axelrod, who has returned to his charge of shoving another four years of O’Bama down the nation’s throat, desperately needs to change the subject away from dictatorial attacks on freedom of religion via ObamaCare. First a couple of EIB advertising brands got cold feet, and then Rush had to up and apologise.

Prouder moments were had on NBC’s Meet the Press show this morning, as David Gregory, now a full-owned subsidiary of Axelrod & Co., hammered away at former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and House Majority Leader Eric Cantor about the grand national women’s health issue, contraception. Both of these towering conservatives stood up to the smug little David, reminding him that it’s all about the Constitution and freedom of religion. Discipline in politics is everything.