Addendum to earlier post on the Wilmette Multicultural vehicle sticker kerfuffle (which, though 16 years old this year, lives on in the mind of former village president John Jacoby):

“The First Amendment guarantees not only the right to speak, but the right to be silent. The [cigarette] warnings are a form of compulsory speech, which is permitted only in rare cases, such as protecting consumers from deception.”  U.S. District Court Judge Richard Leon went on to say that the Fed’s requirement for graphic and harsh warnings to cover 50 percent of cigarette packages “strongly suggests that the government’s actual purpose is not to inform, but rather to advocate a change in consumer behavior.” Read more here.

Scroll down a few posts (2/24/12) and notice that Jacoby’s errant Wilmette board member (and his former board member friend) saw it this just this way. That pesky First Amendment really gets tested when it protects an idea the big government guys don’t like, even if they are in the majority.