Just a day to go till the GOP primary election in Illinois – and whom to vote for is the question. Well, there aren’t a lot of races or choices. The only contested elections are the Republican presidential campaign and the contest for commissioner on the Board of (Tax) Review. With the forces of the Democrats and Republican establishment (south side variety) marshalling against him, vote for the incumbent conservative, Dan Patlak, who seems to be such a worry to the bad guys on both sides of the aisle in Illinois and Cook County. More than that, call every friend and neighbor and urge them to vote for Dan Patlak. It’s past time for real Republicans to start winning in Illinois. Read John DiLeo’s take on Patlak in the Illinois Review.

Here’s conservativeBrand’s recommendation for the presidential race: vote for Rick Santorum for president, then switch and vote for the Newt Gingrich delegates to the GOP convention in August. Why the split decision? If the goal is to gum up the works in the hope that there will be a contested convention – with a chance for a real conservative to get the nomination or at least have some influence, we need to employ this operation chaos technique. Santorum will continue to almost win lots of primaries, and Gingrich will continue to articulate the big ideas most effectively. We the people will have our chance to occupy the media until Tampa in August.

Finally, take a stand for free enterprise and vote NO on the Municipal Electricity Aggregation referendum in the Wilmette primary.