Many summers ago I was an intern in the office of 10th District Rep. Donald Rumsfeld. When the congressman asked one day if I was satisfied with the work, I responded that I would like to write his speeches. Well, it never happened when I was a college junior; but I remain convinced that I can write the defining speech for the 2012 presidential election campaign. (File under: hope.)

The Mitt Romney speech that is what he needs to win the conservative/Tea Party vote:

 The 2012 election is all about liberty and individual responsibility. Our political system sits at a fulcrum point: at stake is whether Americans will opt for a revival of their founding principles, like equality of opportunity guided by the laws of the Constitution, or whether the electorate will choose to relinquish individual freedoms to create a utopian entitlement state.

ObamaCare is the first step in the central economic planning agenda and therefore must be the focus of the election. It aims to replace our admittedly flawed, already heavily regulated, private health system with centralized government allocation of health care resources. We are fortunate to have several very visible experiments with central planning on hand to measure the costs and benefits of moving to more government control.

The western European countries and Canada have lived for decades with nationalized health care. The results have included rationing, long waiting periods, less scientific innovation and general dissatisfaction with medical services. Many patients, when they cannot afford to purchase outside the public system in their home countries, choose to travel long distances for medical procedures currently offered in America. Likewise Massachusetts, the state where I (Romney) was governor and implemented centralized healthcare, has seen increased costs, bureaucratic mismanagement, and deterioration of services. Clearly the United States market is vastly larger and more complex than these failed experiments have had to tackle. So I will state unequivocally that I have learned from my own Massachusetts model and from the evidence of Europe that health care, and health care insurance, must remain a private, market based system. That is my position.

Questioning the foundations of a system can be good; correcting what is imperfect is good. But there is no evidence that human nature has changed; people still want the freedom to own their own labor and the property it earns. Free enterprise, whatever its flaws, always will trump the tyranny of central planning.

Written to and for presidential candidate Mitt Romney, by citizen speechwriter, ConservativeBrand