Updating earlier posts about the “firing” of NTRO Committeeman Bill Cadigan, it seems that Sig Vaznelis, the Cook County GOP chairman, was a no-show at the planned meeting Saturday among Cadigan, Vaznelis and Republican State Senate leader Christine Rodogno. Later, Vaznelis informed Cadigan that he would be reinstated as NTRO committeeman as soon as he (Vaznelis) is re-elected as chairman of the Cook County Republicans. Cadigan’s response to this head scratcher was to take the high road, stating that he considers himself the elected head of NTRO and will proceed with business as ususal. Case closed. (We think.) And Bill Cadigan adds a big thank you to bloggers who sent strong messages to the Cook County regime.

What’s this all about? The Cook County Republican Convention is scheduled for this April (date unspecified). At the convention, the Chairman of the Central Committee of the Cook County Republican Party will be elected to a four-year term. Sig Vaznelis is filling out a term for a resigned chairman and seeking re-election. The way these votes take place is this: each ward (city of Chicago) or township (suburban Cook County) casts a weighted vote depending on the actual number of GOP primary voters in that ward or township. For example, Wheeling Twp. GOP Committeeman Ruth O’Connell would control a vastly larger weighted vote than any individual city ward committeeman – same goes for Bill Cadigan in New Trier Twp. The problem facing Cadigan is that, having been fired officially by the Cook County chairman, he loses his vote (and all the New Trier weighting) in the election this April.

Although few outside the weeds of Cook County politics are paying attention, this heavy-handed move on the part of Sig Vaznelis is one more example of voting the Chicago Way. It may be worthwhile for New Trier voters to form a posse – maybe including favorite sons like Mark Kirk, Bob Dold and even newly minted Texan Tolbert Chisum – to join other sensible Republicans in righting this wrong.