ConservativeBrand’s own home church, Kenilworth Union, always known for not bringing politics into the sanctuary, has invited Dick Durbin to speak to church members, using the excuse that Senator Mark Kirk has spoken in the past. This highly unusual departure from Kenilworth-style decorum is particularly egregious given the fact that 1) Kirk did not address the church (where he is a member) for political purposes and 2) Kirk recently suffered a debilitating stroke and is in the early stages of recovery. Here is how the church advertised the event:
“United States Senator (IL) Dick Durbin will speak at Kenilworth Union Church on Wednesday, April 4 at 7:30 pm. He will address his view of the U.S. economy and also the sources and solutions to Congressional gridlock. Senator Durbin is the Assistant Majority Leader, the second most important role in the Senate.”
This does not sound like a topic of a non-partisan nature – which would make news as a first for this speaker. This is one time that Mark Kirk’s supporters should turn out to protest!