Barry O. the community organizer is just plain uncomfortable with free market capitalism . . .

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. . . but he does think Chicago/RahmEmanuel did a great job on the NATO summit. Well, I beg to differ. Free enterprise and capitalism and venture firms like Bain are the single phenomenon that differentiates the USA from Europe and most of the rest of the world. It’s why immigrants have been willing to give up their families and cultures and histories to venture over here with empty pockets to try for the gold ring. And most of them are pretty happy to stay, even if they don’t get rich, because they start liking the freedom that comes along with signing up for the American contract. As to Chicago having successfully put on a valuable show for the NATO world leaders, POTUS needs to ask some of the real natives – not the nouveau inhabitants who got rich through affirmative action (sorry, it’s the truth) and community organizing (that would be undermining the above free market capitalism.) This past weekend I saw lines of militant, armed police gritting their teeth to remain calm in face-offs with hundreds of non-productive, unmessaged, filthy hippies with no raison d’etre outside of their next hit or free ride (on the working one per cent). The worst moment for me was the sight of the venerable Marshall Fields loop store clock, where I used to come downtown on the El all dressed up to meet my grandmother for lunch, as those same “protesters” chanted “f–k the police” ad nauseum. Truly pointless use of their First Amendment rights that will cost taxpayers in Cook County $millions. Check out some more photos in case you missed this outrage.


Support a conservative for Congress in FL 20th: Karen Harrington #TeaParty

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What could represent the vibrancy of the Tea Party more beautifully than the idea of defeating Debbie Downer Wasserman-Schultz (even her hair makes me frown) in Florida. Lots of good guys support Karen Harrington – Larry Kudlow, Michele Bachmann, even conservativeBrand –  so take a look at her web site and do someting for America (not to mention the United States Congress.) http://www.karenforcongress.com/

Opportunities for courage abound in 2012: find them, nourish them, and reap the rewards.

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As we go face the many difficulties of this election season – the NATO anarchists in Chicago, Gov. Walker’s union-based recall election in Wisconsin, even standing up for American jobs via the Keystone pipeline, as the House of Representatives negotitates a legislative deal – courage remains the difficult virtue to nourish and protect. Chuck Colson’s message resonates beyond his life span.

Mother’s Day message to clergymen everywhere – that applies to every thinking, caring American as well.

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In the face of tyranny, a silent pulpit is a complicit pulpit. Ezek. 33:6

Little Lugar (a.k.a. Bob Dold) joins the progressive camp with Planned Parenthood legislation. #TeaParty

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Re-election prospects must look pretty gloomy to redistricted 10th District Congressman Bob Dold. Admittedly, the new 10th Congressional District was drawn to effect a Democrat House pick-up in November, but Dold’s desperate attempt to woo progressives by sponsoring legislation to “save” Planned Parenthood’s abortion factory from defunding by his Republican Housemates is a head scratcher. Seems like old times on the North Shore (back when Mark Kirk was the 10th District congressman, before he became the more conservative Senator Kirk) as the moderate Republican tries to out-lib his real Democrat opponent. Those of us in his old district, now represented by the uber liberal Jan Schakowsky (whose husband is a convicted felon), receive pleas for support from the Dold campaign on at least a daily basis. Some of us do feel his pain. That New Trier Township campaign money is missed, that’s for sure. Read more at Rebel Pundit: http://bit.ly/IP9WkS.

Other ideas for contributions: Governor Walker and Lt. Governor Kleefisch in Wisconsin, or Rep. Joe Walsh in the 8th District.

Listen up Tea Partiers in the northern suburbs: Tammy Duckworth is calling you and your ideas “crackpot.”

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Tonight (Friday, May 11, 2012) CLTV hosted a televised debate between Republican Congressman Joe Walsh, running in the newly reconfigured 8th congressional district, and Democratic challenger Tammy Duckworth. Seated at a small table, the contrast between the two candidates was sharp: Walsh eshewed any theatrics and looked the thoughtful conservative statesman that he can be at his best; Duckworth repeated and tried to defend a short list of Democratic talking points – that never seemed quite to the point.

About halfway through the hour long debate, Walsh pressed Duckworth, who has spent the last few years as part of the Obama veteran’s administration, on budget solutions. She had a hard time addressing the issues in depth and was backed into a corner. She attacked Congressman Walsh for voting three times for the Ryan budget, stating, “There has not been a crackpot Tea Party idea that he has not embraced.”

Challenged for using that language by the Chicago Tribune moderator (Rick Pearson) and Walsh, Duckworth replied, “Absolutely. . . Why would you endorse giving millionaires and billionaires tax breaks on the back of seniors and the most vulnerable.”

Walsh then rephrased his question, “Are the constituents in the 8th District crackpots?”

Duckworth replied, “The Republican budget is extremist.”

Walsh continued to press her, saying, “The constituents in the 8th District, many of whom subscribe to the Tea Party philosophy that our government is too big and we’re losing freedoms every day; are those ideas crackpot?”

Duckworth stated, “The schemes they are coming up with in the name of the Tea Party are crackpot.”

It just might be that it’s the Tea Party candidate (Walsh) who has the pulse of the 8th district. If the national Dems want to add a seat in the House, Mrs. Duckworth needs to up her game.

Celebrate back to normal: New Trier Twp. has a GOP committeeman

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Although the crisis passed by most Republicans in New Trier Township, the local GOP was on a pretty shaky footing for a few weeks after the former Cook County chairman fired the elected committeeman Bill Cadigan. Now a new Cook County Chairman, Aaron Del Mar of Palatine, has been elected, and we can confirm that Cadigan has been reinstated as committeeman. The whole kerfufle was created by the resignation of Tolbert Chisum, who was elected as NTRO committeeman, moved to Texas, and left New Trier Republicans at the mercy of Cook County until the new committeeman is officially elected in 2014. Some of us are wondering if this is any way to run a Republican Party subsidiary – sounds way to much like the Cook County way-of-doing-business on the other side of the aisle.

Along that line of thinking, even the least squeamish local Republicans will be cringing when they read the bio at Illinois Review of the man who was chosen to lead the entire Republican organization for Cook County, Aaron Del Mar.  His business is “entertainment,” but he also can boast of being on Hillary Clinton’s presidential primary staff. Is it any wonder that Illinois is a one-party state with this kind of character leading the conservative movement?