Although the crisis passed by most Republicans in New Trier Township, the local GOP was on a pretty shaky footing for a few weeks after the former Cook County chairman fired the elected committeeman Bill Cadigan. Now a new Cook County Chairman, Aaron Del Mar of Palatine, has been elected, and we can confirm that Cadigan has been reinstated as committeeman. The whole kerfufle was created by the resignation of Tolbert Chisum, who was elected as NTRO committeeman, moved to Texas, and left New Trier Republicans at the mercy of Cook County until the new committeeman is officially elected in 2014. Some of us are wondering if this is any way to run a Republican Party subsidiary – sounds way to much like the Cook County way-of-doing-business on the other side of the aisle.

Along that line of thinking, even the least squeamish local Republicans will be cringing when they read the bio at Illinois Review of the man who was chosen to lead the entire Republican organization for Cook County, Aaron Del Mar.  His business is “entertainment,” but he also can boast of being on Hillary Clinton’s presidential primary staff. Is it any wonder that Illinois is a one-party state with this kind of character leading the conservative movement?