Re-election prospects must look pretty gloomy to redistricted 10th District Congressman Bob Dold. Admittedly, the new 10th Congressional District was drawn to effect a Democrat House pick-up in November, but Dold’s desperate attempt to woo progressives by sponsoring legislation to “save” Planned Parenthood’s abortion factory from defunding by his Republican Housemates is a head scratcher. Seems like old times on the North Shore (back when Mark Kirk was the 10th District congressman, before he became the more conservative Senator Kirk) as the moderate Republican tries to out-lib his real Democrat opponent. Those of us in his old district, now represented by the uber liberal Jan Schakowsky (whose husband is a convicted felon), receive pleas for support from the Dold campaign on at least a daily basis. Some of us do feel his pain. That New Trier Township campaign money is missed, that’s for sure. Read more at Rebel Pundit:

Other ideas for contributions: Governor Walker and Lt. Governor Kleefisch in Wisconsin, or Rep. Joe Walsh in the 8th District.