. . . but he does think Chicago/RahmEmanuel did a great job on the NATO summit. Well, I beg to differ. Free enterprise and capitalism and venture firms like Bain are the single phenomenon that differentiates the USA from Europe and most of the rest of the world. It’s why immigrants have been willing to give up their families and cultures and histories to venture over here with empty pockets to try for the gold ring. And most of them are pretty happy to stay, even if they don’t get rich, because they start liking the freedom that comes along with signing up for the American contract. As to Chicago having successfully put on a valuable show for the NATO world leaders, POTUS needs to ask some of the real natives – not the nouveau inhabitants who got rich through affirmative action (sorry, it’s the truth) and community organizing (that would be undermining the above free market capitalism.) This past weekend I saw lines of militant, armed police gritting their teeth to remain calm in face-offs with hundreds of non-productive, unmessaged, filthy hippies with no raison d’etre outside of their next hit or free ride (on the working one per cent). The worst moment for me was the sight of the venerable Marshall Fields loop store clock, where I used to come downtown on the El all dressed up to meet my grandmother for lunch, as those same “protesters” chanted “f–k the police” ad nauseum. Truly pointless use of their First Amendment rights that will cost taxpayers in Cook County $millions. Check out some more photos in case you missed this outrage.