Vogue editor Anna Wintour advertised (above) her June 14th New York fundraiser with Sarah Jessica Parker, benefitting Obama’s reelection campaign, but Chicagoans could be part of the effort as well. Today, June 12th, Anna W. is heading over to the unoccupied Harpo Studios in Chicago’s West Loop to wine, dine and entertain the Obamas. Although Syrian first lady Asma al-Assad, formerly a Vogue favorite, was recently dropped from the magazine’s website, it appears that Somalian born ex-model Imam is in favor – she is co-hosting the $1,000 and up fundraiser. (Interestingly, Vogue reported that it became clear that recent Syrian atrocities were at odds with the magazine’s priorities and values.) Well, looks like Obama has the fashion constituency covered; now will he move on to court the unions (sorry, busy) or African Americans (sorry, gay marriage)? Let see how they poll.