With the IL 8th District congresional race heating up, it seems a good time to revisit how Democrat candidate Tammy Duckworth spent her time after losing to Rep. Peter Roskam. As assistant Secretary of Veterans Affairs, and as ObamaCare was getting gamed into law in 2009, Fox News anchor Chris Wallace questioned Duckworth about a pamphlet for veterans written by an advocate of physician-assisted suicide. The Wall Street Journal op.ed. that prompted Wallace’s interview included this statement:

Your Life, Your Choices presents end-of-life choices in a way aimed at steering users toward predetermined conclusions, much like a political ‘push poll.’ For example, a worksheet on page 21 lists various scenarios and asks users to then decide whether their own life would be ‘not worth living.'”

It’s pretty hard to follow Duckworth’s valiant but garbled attempt to explain away the pamphlet – much like her performances in debates with the much more experienced and articulate Rep. Joe Walsh for the 8th District. Question: is this (heroic) veteran any more ready for prime time?