WI voters with Walker: check out #WIuniondesperation on Twitter for a laugh.

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After desperate Democrats in Wisconsin erroneously reported last night on a youthful indiscretion of  a Scott Walker, who turned out to be a different person than the recalled governor, conservatives regaled Twitter with comical bogus Walker transgressions under the hashtag #WIuniondesperation. My personal favorite: ” Walker calls bubblers water fountains.” One more Democrat initiative (memo to the Obama campaign) that turned out a joke. Be with Walker tomorrow, Wisconsin.


Could Rebecca Kleefisch be the new governor of Wisconsin after tomorrow’s recall on Scott Walker?

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One more reason to call every one you know in Wisconsin and remind them to vote for the down ballot candidates on tomorrow’s recall election list. Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch, an articulate and conservative official (who resembles Tea Party favorite Sarah Palin in more than one way) could be governor some day – if Governor Scott Walker is tapped for the vice presidential slot with GOP candidate Mitt Romney. A far-fetched scenario? Maybe, but stranger things have happened. A victory in purple state Wisconsin would be evidence that Walker is a conservative politician who knows how to make the case for the new, younger GOP. At the least it would be hard to argue that he hasn’t been through the valley of the shadow, ending up on his feet with a smile on his face.

A Margaret Thatcher reminder of what is at stake in every American election, from Walker to Obama. #whatBritainlost

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Telling it like (the Tea Party knows) it is . . . Rep. Joe Walsh takes on the entitlement mentality. #tcot #teaparty

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Listening to this admittedly rough video of a recent Town Hall with Rep. Joe Walsh reminded me of Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in her prime – when she took the hard line against progressives in the UK who were looking at future policy decisions that, indeed, brought that country to its knees. Walsh is running for Congress in the new 8th District of Illinois, designed by Chicago Democrats especially to elect Obama-bureaucratette Tammy Duckworth – who has never been elected anywhere or to anything. The 8th district, which skitters around the northwestern suburbs of Chicago from Elk Grove Village to Elgin and from Carpentersville to Elmhurst, is a tough sell for the redisticted Rep. Walsh – who did defeat Democrat Congressman Melissa Bean in 2010, and who has a close to Tea Party-perfect voting record in Congress. For those on the North Shore (now mostly “represented” by uber-progressive Jan Schakowsky) (whose husband is a convicted felon), support for Joe Walsh’s campaign might be a better investment in the new conservative Congress than resorting to donating to Bob Dold, given the old 10th District representative’s unbelievably disappointing support for pro-union and pro-Planned Parenthood legislation just in the last few weeks.

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