Rep. Joe Walsh (now running for re-election in the IL 8th Congressional District) requested his staff to aim for a big crowd at his town hall on the Supreme Court’s ObamaCare opinion July 1st in Elk Grove Village. The hall was overflowing; but what Walsh may not have expected was the crowd of hundreds of angry, multi-partisan citizens with big axes to grind with the newly-endorsed Roberts Court ObamaCare law. Teachers, doctors, bloggers, Tea Party conservatives, independents, and even a few Democrats let loose their passions – mostly on the side of freedom – in response to Walsh’s firey presentation.

Walsh outined the two visions for America that are in the debate for the November 6th election: the winning vision will determine what kind of country we live in and pass on to future generations. The progressives want utopian outcomes that guarantee equality and fairness. Conservatives want a system that offers equal oppportunity, with outcomes (the freedom to earn success or failure) dependent on hard work and personal responsibility. It’s not complicated, Walsh said, except when politicians make it complicated. For decades the country has gradually been losing this war of visions, which is now at a fulcrum point. The Roberts 4-1-4 Court decision on the constitutionality of the ObamaCare mandate puts the decision squarely in the hands of the people and their representatives. Clearly, ObamaCare is designed to have everyone dependent on government health insurance – government-rationed health care with the “cost be damned.” Walsh wants more than a win for himself in the 8th District. His mission is to get out the message of the second revolution that is perculating in his district and every district in the country. Joe Walsh defied the odds when he defeated Rep. Melissa Bean in 2010, and ObamaCare was his issue that year. His current opponent, Tammy Duckworth, will be learning over the upcoming months that Joe still owns this issue.

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