It’s pretty hard to hear that Bob Dold, formerly the representative of Republicans in Winnetka, Wilmette, Kenilworth, Glencoe and Northfield, has accepted the endorsement of the Democrat teachers’ union as he seeks reelection in the new 10th Congressional District. Clearly the news that the public workers unions are the source of the fiscal problems in Illinois and the rest of the country has not filtered into the Dold agenda – probably the excuse will be that his district is more liberal than ever so he needs to change from a RINO into a faux Democrat this time. Too bad for all the conservatives who reluctantly supported him earlier. The lesson from Governor Scott Walker’s Wisconsin union battle is that taking a principled conservative stand against union coercion will result in change to responsible budgeting while preserving education jobs and programs. In Illinois, we get the same old capitulation that has brought Illinois to its knees at the hands of the unions. Rep. Dold and Mayor Emanuel are paddling in the same canoe, about to send us citizens over the waterfall.