The Heritage Foundation held a conference today (7/25/12) on the Justice Department’s “shameless cover-up of the Fast & Furious” gun running operation that resulted in 1) the death of a Federal agent, 2) the Justice Department’s refusal to comply with Congressional subpoena of documents based on executive privelege, and 3) an unprecedented comtempt of Congress ruling against Attorney General Eric Holder. The discussion is worth hearing – the most important argument begins at the 23 minute mark where attorney Todd Gaziano speaks in the Heritage Foundation video. The bottom line is that Justice Department witnesses who dodged the truth on many levels over many months of hearings have done the country and the Constitution no good. It has never been made clear who approved and ran the Fast & Furious program. There is evidence that the Attorney General may have committed perjury early in his testimony. But even after that, it became clear that the Justice Department needed to provide witnesses who could remember what happened and who could be counted on to tell the truth. When the president invoked executive privelege, he was not empowered to do so to conceal wrongdoing or protect witnesses who had perjured themselves.  So many questions remain unanswered; it’s time for the executive branch officials to fulfill their responsibilities and tell us the truth.