Smart lemonade standistas better beware of the Obama/Warren agenda, whatever the (Global Warming) weather.

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Is there an entrepreneur in your family? Did they build it or wait for a gov’t enabler? #teaparty

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Definition of Axelrod’s bad day: CBS/NYT poll finds Obama down 1% to Romney (45/46)

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Say it isn’t so, the campaign staff must be sighing tonight 0ver at Axelrod & Alinsky, Inc. on Chicago’s north side. Well, Chicago machine favorite son Barack O. did trip over his tongue last week with the message to American entrepreneurship, “You didn’t build that” yourself. (The village goverment did it for you, Steve Jobs et al.) Looks like the first not-that-American president hit the wrong note. His music may sound amazing, but hey, it’s just not American.

“I will say it again,” Romney replied. “That’s one more good reason to get rid of Obamacare. And I’m going to get that done the first day I’m in office.”

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Speaking in Ohio on Wednesday, GOP candidate Mitt Romney found his footing and began talking about religious freedom, the first freedom defended by the Constitution – and how ObamaCare will harm that penultimate symbol of American freedom. The same day, protestant Wheaton College (Illinois) joined the other institutions, mostly Catholic, that are suing the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services for ObamaCare’s abridgement of that fundamental right. In a television interview, former Assistant Attorney General Joseph Morris (Chicago) reminded a CLTV reporter that the complaint has never been about contraception or even morning-after abortion pills; the argument is about institutions that are being required by the government to challenge their religious beliefs. Morris argued that this is a deep-seated issue for our American political culture. The question is, who gets to mandate an institution’s religious beliefs: the government or that entity? And the issue is of continuing importance following the Supreme Court decision upholding the individual mandate as a tax – which remains only one of many challenges that we are discovering, as more and more people “read” the Affordable Care Act.

Love your local property tax increases? You may get lots more: watch your wallets in the suburbs; after all, this is Cook County, IL

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Here’s what’s happening under the radar during the dog days of summer, Mark from Wilmette reporting:
I went to the park board meeting last night.  I was the only citizen there, seven board members, six park employees, two reporters, and me (one other woman who came late, not sure of her status).  I think they did this in July since many folks are out of town for the summer and on vacation. (See it on rerun on channel 6).
They voted 4-3 to approve spending 1 to 2 million dollars for a new structure for paddle tennis at West Park.  In reviewing the board, they appear all to be liberals (tax and spend), with the intent to raise property taxes on every level.  Several supported the District 39 referendum to raise taxes.
It seems like the tea party and the New Trier Republicans should make a effort to get conservatives on these boards.  In addition, there should be an effort to call out anybody who wants to raise taxes and create debt.  Once people are pointed out on their votes, they tend to be more careful in the future, especially around election time.  When you get a high property tax bill, you can find the exact individuals to blame. 
You should watch this on channel 6 on the rerun this week, it is very interesting to see them discuss the issue.  I thought for sure it would be tabled or fail 7-0.  I was SHOCKED!
I’m all for paddle tennis, I just don’t want Wilmette Park District doing it now at this point in time for 2 million plus bucks along with thousands to operate yearly.  My concern is for the property tax payer, who is looking out for them?  It seems like a BOONDOGGLE.
This might be a wake-up call to Wilmette (and other suburban taxpayers) to start paying attention to their local taxing boards. The Wilmette District 39 Board of Education is negotiating a new teachers’ union contract right now. The expiring contract gives teachers an average 5.5% raise every year, and this is the group that persuaded/shamed parents and grandparents to pass a huge new tax referendum last year.  With those funds due to run out soon, you can bet the same folks will be back with their hands out.

It’s Tea Party Time again. Town Halls to halt socialized health care this Saturday in Northern Illinois. #TeaParty

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Illinois Review is listing three Americans for Prosperity sponsored “Hands Off My Health Care” Town Halls in northern Illinois this Saturday, July 21st. Probably the closest to the North Shore geographically is at 1:00 p.m. in Hoffman Estates (drive west on Golf Rd. to Algonquin Rd., about 23 miles from the lake suburbs). With Rep. Joe Walsh firing up the crowd, this is a great opportunity for Tea Party types to ask WLS radio guy Dan Proft why he has been talking about Rob Portman for Romney’s Veep every day this week.

Legal Insurrection streams a Frontier Labs approach to persuading women. Check it out.

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Listen via Legal Insurection.com to the interview with Anne Sorock yesterday on the Hugh Hewitt radio show (with guest host) on how to persuade women to the conservative cause.

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