We all make judgements about politicians, and sometimes they turn out very wrong. In the Republican primary for 10th District representative, conservativeBrand went all out for a local favorite son, Bob Dold, who was running against the proven unreliable “moderate” Elizabeth Coulson. Seemed like a good idea, even though another candidate, Dr. Arie Friedman, was looking pretty good on the issues. There are memories, dimmer now, of conversations that included words like “fiscal conservative, social moderate.” We all need to get that expression tatooed across our brains. Social moderates hardly ever turn out to have the backbone to vote like fiscal conservatives – and they pretty reliably vote with leftist liberals on the social issues. If you have the stomach, read about Bob Dold’s vote to defeat a ban on partial birth abortions in Congress last week: he joined only eight (8!) other Republicans in the largely Democrat party-line vote. Consider it a lesson learned.