David Burge@iowahawkblog

Luckily, Joe Biden is too stupid to be nervously vomiting right now.

John Nolte @NolteNC

One thing’s for sure – Ryan will make sure seniors and the corrupt media NEVER forget ObamaCare strips $500 BILLION from Medicare.

Dan Curry@dancurry

Only Democrat really happy about Ryan pick is @stefcutter, whose lying no longer lead story Sunday morning.

Jacob Rahme@JacobRahme

This pick FORCES Obama and the cronies to bring up the budget if they try to sling mud at Ryan. Excellent choice.

Scott Walker@ScottKWalker

I stood on the USS Wisconsin last month and thought of the historical nature of the vessel. It is historical yet again!

John McCormack@McCormackJohn

One of my liberal aunts went to a Ryan townhall last year. Left there wanting Ryan as Obama’s VP.

David Limbaugh@DavidLimbaugh

This is a MAJOR MAJOR power play for Romney and one that signals a bold line in the sand. I’m ecstatic about his Ryan pick.

Francis Moran@xfranman

Almost feel sorry for lame stream media. Now they have to learn substance not just Obama idolatry. Like, math & stuff.

Myra Miller ‏@myramiller

The choice of @PaulRyanVP shows that house republicans are not only relevant but shaping the direction of the presidential campaign.

Big Irish Dude‏@BigIrishDude

Dems plan to attack @PaulRyanVP for lack of experience? Really? How many budget plans bear Obama’s name.

Liz Cheney‏@Liz_Cheney

Wonderful pick in @PaulRyanVP – campaign will be about real change, policy solutions and the future. Obama/Biden failed old guard now.

Perry Bacon Jr.‏@perrybaconjr

In 2010, Obama called Ryan a “pretty sincere guy” “willing to study this stuff and take it pretty seriously.”

Jack Welch‏@jack_welch

Great Romney selection. Ryan clarifies option ..growth and prosperity for all versus malaise and unemployment for many.

Charles Sykes‏@SykesCharlie

Reaganesque is a term that’s way over used. But Paul Ryan today managed to be both Kennedyesque and Reaganesque. Dem glee fail.

Charlie Mahtesian‏@charliepolitico

Wisconsin, capital of the Obama resistance.

Ari David‏@AriDavidUSA

BREAKING NEWS! Joe Biden has just resigned effective immediately! Obama announces that no one wants the job now until after veep debate.