All the dirt we didn’t know (but should have known) about Barrack Hussein Obama in 2008 is spewing out in books this fall. The Amateur, by Edward Klein, began it all. Today, American Thinker’s   Karin McQuillan focuses on Obama consigliore Valerie Jarrett, who, along with Michelle and her mother, rule the White House, the president, and to all intents and purposes the United States.

Jarrett has no qualifications to be the principal advisor to the president of  the United States.  She doesn’t understand how Washington works, how  relations with Congress work, how the federal process works.  She doesn’t  understand how the economy works, how the military works, how national security  works.  But she understands how Obama works.

The gloomy Obama campaign is looking more and more vulnerable to the optimistic RomneyRyan2012 team as they criss-cross the country.