The IL 8th District congressional race has nationwide attention for good reason: Democrat Tammy Duckworth, whose campaign is managed by ObamaClone David Axelrod, and whose district was carved out specially to give her an easy win by ObamaClone Mike Madigan, has a real challenge from opponent Rep. Joe Walsh. Redistricted after winning with Tea Party support in 2010, Walsh is a candidate with the unique characteristic that fighting for his conservative principles is more important to him that winning. (Bob Dold, running southeast of him geographically as well as left of him politically might make note of this attribute.) Walsh got in trouble recently for commenting, after praising Duckworth for her military service and disability, that she doesn’t talk much about issues other than her military service and disability. Her interview with the Chicago Tribune editorial board last week underlines the truth of that comment. In fact, the only part of Duckworth’s biography that has anything to do with her political background is the close ties with communist organizations (think Axelrod/Obama) brought to light by

Even uber-liberal Tribune columnist Eric Zorn could not resist offering Joe Walsh a kind of watered-down endorsement following the editorial board interview:

I expected you to be the same execrable blowhard we see in YouTube clips — the one  who several weeks ago promised a group of voters that he was going to come to Tribune Tower and “fire at” the “clueless” scribes — but sitting around the big table you dialed down the patronizing poison and came across as downright likable. Warm but not hot, brave in your willingness to consider slaughtering such sacred cows as the home mortgage interest deduction and disarming in your little sparring matches with my colleagues.

This is in response to an editorial board question on Medicare. Reprise “Billy Madison.”