Obama’s America 2016 is a concise biography of Barack Obama in film. Produced and written by Dinesh D’Souza, the 129-minute documentary answers a lot of questions about the last four years, but mainly why Barack Obama simply cannot be allowed another four years to complete the transformation of America. In the movie D’Souza reveals the unending adolescent tantrum that plagues Barack because he doesn’t have a father. The father figures are introduced – Barack Sr. (drunk and abusive), stepfather Lolo Soetoro (betrayer of mother and son by his success), and Frank Marshall Davis (listed by the FBI as a “dangerous” communist). Then there are the mentors and teachers – anarchists, leftists and socialists all. Finally, D’Spouza outlines the overriding influence of mid-20th century neo-anti-colonialism (and its companion religion, black liberation theology) with all its facets: anti-Europeanism, anti-zionism, anti-capitalism, anti-Christianity, and finally, anti-Americanism. All is explained in frighteningly simple terms. If you are not afraid of Obama’s Occupy Wall Street movement, you need to see this film.