The Obama campaign would like voters to believe that Paul Ryan’s Medicare  plan would “end Medicare as we know it” — privatizing the whole system and  costing seniors more than $6,000 extra a year.

But the campaign, even before Ryan was selected as Mitt Romney’s running  mate, has effectively been running against the wrong Ryan plan.

The president’s accusations largely refer to Ryan’s 2011 plan, ignoring the  fact that the House Budget Committee chairman rolled out a different version in  2012 — taking into account Democratic critiques. Though the 2012 plan is more  moderate, Obama and his surrogates have all but ignored the newer version as  they amp up their accusations against the Romney-Ryan ticket.

Most glaringly, the campaign has omitted a key point.

While Ryan’s 2011 plan proposes to give seniors a government payment to buy  private insurance, his 2012 plan offers seniors a choice.

Under the blueprint, seniors could use the payment to buy private insurance  or stay in traditional Medicare.

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