From the Chicago Sun Times:

“It was Rep. Daniel Biss, the Evanston Democrat now running for the 9th State Senate District, who summed the day up best. ‘We all look like idiots,’ Biss said. ‘I’ll say it again: We all – not the governor, not the other side, not our side – we all look like idiots.’ The only problem was that Biss was arguing in favor of last Friday’s legislative pension charade, and admonishing Republicans not to seek partisan advantage, which put him in the same boat as the rest.

Taking Back the Illinois Legislature, One Seat at a Time, by Tom – a concerned Glenview resident

Here’s what I would like to say to my fellow 9th District colleagues: it was absolutely unbelievable to hear Dan Biss repeatedly admitting to being a liar and part of the severe economic problems facing Illinois at the “Pension Reform” town meeting in Skokie on August 16th. I found his admitting to being part of the Springfield liars as disingenuous and cavalier. It almost seemed to me like his attitude was – “yea, I am a liar, but what are you going to do about it?”

Biss refused to take a firm stance on the Pension Reform cost-shifting proposal which we know that he adamantly supports. Although he does want to put his “spin” on re-framing the problem as a “fight” between property taxpayers (who do not want to pay for the Actuarial Normal Cost) and the  teachers – instead of taking the blame in Springfield. His solution is to use the 9th’s property taxes as Springfield’s ATM. No solutions for corruption, waste or financial discipline. That was clear. His verbal claim placing him at a distance from Mike Madigan was just a bold faced lie to the audience.

And, perhaps the most unbelievable part of the evening was his off the subject and verbal support mentioned twice for a Progressive Illinois State Income Tax. Really, Dan? The way he dismissed the Wilmette small business owner and property tax owner should earn him the nickname “Dan Diss.” No mention that cost shifting will significantly affect the borrowing costs of school districts and eat into critical K-12 classroom financial needs; local school districts have already lost close to $1 billion in state aid since 2009. After hearing first hand Mr. Biss’s obvious disdain for the voters in his district with his elitist, “smartest guy in the room” attitude, I am more convinced than ever than we all need to UP OUR GAME  here in the 9th to make sure that Dan Biss is not re-elected.

We need a cohesive strategy, collaboration and full court press on this issue to further avoid the Springfield ATM syndrome at the hands of this Madigan protégé. Personally, I am not interested in voting for a self-proclaimed liar and self-proclaimed idiot. We need better representation for the great 9th District. We need to take back Illinois, one seat at a time.