Several hundred (mostly) Women for Romney gathered to celebrate and support the Romney/Ryan 2012 Republican ticket yesterday (8/21/12) at Cafe la Cave in Des Plaines. The crowd was fired up by terrific speakers – military, business, and political leaders – who had one central theme summarized by Dr. Barbara Bellar, a physician and attorney, former Benedictine nun, and candidate for State Senate in the 18th district of Illinois: “Mr. Obama: Hands off my Health Care.” Other speakers included M.C. Amy Jacobson (WIND radio 560), Christina McGrath (McGrath Auto Motors), Fran Eaton (editor of on-line blog newspaper Illinois Review), Veronica Vera (U.S. Air Force veteran), Raquel Mitchell (a Chicago businesswoman), and Jan Moreno (author).

The team that brought about the Illinois Women Rally for Romney event. Photo by Fran Eaton (fifth from left).