How much would you (or the Romney team) pay for an iconic national hero to stand up in front of around 20 million viewers and drop a bunch of nuanced verbal bombs on the opponent? Never mind the sometimes mumbly delivery of Clint Eastwood’s performance at the Republican Convention last night. He is a pro, an actor and a director, and he knows how to talk effectively to the guy in the (empty) chair. Just like Jimmy Stewart’s Harvey, the guy in the chair got the messages: America is something special; Barack Obama has failed us and needs to be repealed and replaced on November 6th – but Clint Eastwood said it so much better. And the way we know Eastwood succeeded is the over-the-top, frothing commentary by the Democrat/Progressive media Party during the show and continuing, non-stop, through the next day. Even Obama himself, the ever cool guy who was never going to tune into the T.V. coverage of the convention, tweeted a photo of himself – in a non-empty chair – during the speeches.