Oops . . . that’s the other one with high cheekbones.

What can we make of the Democrat Conventioneers choosing Fauxchahontas4MA to introduce the reminted Bill Clinton Wednesday night in Charlotte? Let’s see, she can’t sell herself to Massachusetts, but she is in line for the presidency of the United States should ECOTUS (Empty Chair of the United States for those from Rio Linda) get himself term-limited after his second term. Legal Insurrection blog has an amazing video on the life story that brought her into the limelight.

For tonight’s DNC offerings (Tuesday) we have to content ourselves with the world according to pantry-scold Michelle Obama, Sandra Fluke (who is a speaker because one famous radio personality was mean to her once), the leadership over at Planned Parenthood and NARAL (let’s guess the topic: free contraceptives), and before all that, Tammy Duckworth (who will eschew congressional issues, just this once, to talk about her military service and disability).

#Empty TeePee Day