Here’s a comment (name withheld) from a North Shore moderate on Empty Chair Day:

“Even though some of it was funny, there are MANY moderate Republicans who thought Clint Eastwood was very vulgar, disrespectful and rambling. There were so many other good choices for this surprise visit. Really, a shame to waste a moment.”

Random message to any moderates out there who might be inclined to look for “truth” from The Fact Checker at the Washington Post, Glenn Kessler. Fact Checker recently gave 4 Pinocchios to the Romney/Ryan2012 ad on the Obama executive order to moderate the work part of the welfare legislation. Clive Crook at The Atlantic debunks Kessler’s neutrality as a truth checker:

Kessler isn’t confining himself to checking facts, he’s contesting one interpretation of the facts with his own interpretation. Whatever the merits of the rival interpretations, that’s not fact-checking, it’s commentary.”

Lesson: check the facts, but don’t rely on a main-stream media liberal pundit.