The Northfield residents who expresed concern last weekend over the exchange of the American flag for the flag of Malaysia at a local park seem satisfied with the expression of regret expressed by the group that rented the park for a celebration.

Dr. Roslan Jamaludin of Malaysian Association of Illinois said Tuesday,

We apologize for the event. We did put the flag back up. It was not meant to offend anyone.”

The incident was picked up by news outlets here and here, after conservativeBrand covered the initial story. The issue involved not so much a violation of the Flag Code (which was essentially declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court in 1990) but concern that the Northfield Park District establish a policy that protects sensitive handling of the American flag. One Northfield resident, who has held high school sports celebrations at the same Clarkson Park in Northfield, suggested that as an alternative to using the American flag pole, the Park District could might set up a second, lower pole nearby for use by other organizations.