Gone is any mention of Chicago. That’s because life in the criminal utopia that Obama helped build there is not pretty.”

It’s more dangerous to take a walk today in Chicago today than on the streets of Kabul. While Rahm Emanuel and Pat Quinn were in Charlotte preaching to the Democrat choir on their own special brand of “good governance,” progressive-style,  murders are non-news back home in Chicago – 301 people were killed in the last year on the streets (or in homes, through living room windows). Families in minority communities truly live in a neighborhood of fear, yet the politicians (and Democrats are pretty much in charge in Illinois) are talking about how to circumvent the Supreme Court ruling a few years back that citizens have the right to arm themselves.

According to the Daily Caller blog, the Democrat platform made some changes as well. For Obama’s first election campaign, the platform complied with his anti-gun stance with the comment that “what works in Chicago may not work in Cheyenne.” Now it seems that the Second Amendment will not work anywhere where Obama is in charge.