Republican Glenn Farkas was cool, calm and collected at tonight’s debate with Dan Biss, but he needs to draw some blood if there is any chance to move North Shore moderates (i.e. addicted Obama kool-aid drinkers) to split their ballots on November 6th. Farkas is an articulate, smart family man and businessman – pretty much the perfect candidate for his 9th state Senate district – but he’s up against a slick, ivy league, Obama-clone who learned the Jeff Schoenberg lesson well: spit out that conservative talk during the campaign and count on no one watching after you get in and start voting. Biss also would get a “pass” from the Democrat Madigan/Cullerton team whenever his vote is not critical. Such is life in Illinois politics.

The audience numbered in the hundreds at the debate held in the auditorium of Glenbrook South High School, although close to half appeared to be students taking notes for tomorrow’s social studies classes. Glenn Farkas spoke up for the 2nd Amendment, traditional marriage, public school choice, free markets and lots more budgetary responsibility from the legislature. Biss was in his predictably adolescent time-warp, regaling the audience with theories of cycles of poverty, cycles of crime, cycles of violence. He’s 100% for gay marriage, ObamaCare and gun control, but against gaming unless it’s in Chicago. He’s got a platitude to fix every problem, and Bill Clinton’s wagging index finger to back up every point. It would have been so interesting if Farkas had asked Biss if he “believes in redistribution” or how he feels about a term limit for Mike Madigan in the state legislature.