Brian O’Dwyer, a former Marine, responds to Democrat Dan Bill in the Patch after the Farkas/Biss Debate (IL 9th District State Senate), covered earlier here.

I saw Rep. Biss talking in Skokie about a month ago. First he said, “I’ve barely talked with Speaker Madigan – it’s sad!” Then when asked how he has stood up to the Speaker like Rep. Bost did a few months back, his answer was, “I don’t throw temper tantrums, I stand firm, and with principle!” Wonderful, Rep. Biss, however the question was how have you stood up to the Speaker? Give us an example, please. Since you didn’t provide an example, you haven’t stood firm and with principle. Rep. Biss, you have been part of the problem in Springfield! Twice now, in Skokie and at the GBS debate on 9/19/12, you have said you want a progressive income tax. That will only drive people with money out of the State. You also stated that you want more gun laws to reduce crime. News flash – Chicago is a shooting gallery for the gangs because law abiding citizens can’t defend themselves by shooting back, and people in gangs are already law breakers. I doubt the gangs will care about your new laws. FBI statistics show that in states with concealed carry laws, crime goes down very quickly. People won’t just start dueling every time the Cubs play the Sox. Rep. Biss, you are part of the Springfield problem.”