Long-time supporters of Highland Park pediatrician Arie Friedman, running for Illinois state senate in the 8th district, were scratching their heads when he recently sent out some interesting publicity jointly with Rep. Bob Dold. The more and more moderate Dold, running in the newly configured 10th Congressional District, has been deluging the airwaves with ads about his new-found “independence” from that pesky, partisan House of Representatives. Neither candidate mentions the Republican Party on campaign websites – although both have relied heavily on campaign contributions from well-heeled Republican donors outside their districts. Now the Illinois Review writes that Arie Friedman’s “assumed” pro life principles are – well – a big mistake? Whether it’s a switcheroo or a mistaken assumption, these revelations undermine any faith citizens may have “clung to” about the integrity of politicians. If they can evolve during the campaign, only imagine what voters will see after they are in office.