Situation Room conference release – about Hurricane Sandy . . .

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. . . but what is that video playing on the wall? Can it be the infamous Internet Video that was blamed (haha) for the terrorist attack in Benghazi?


No tricks, no treats after today. Masks are off. #war

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Toni Preckwinkle/Cook County Board has friends in high places. #GeeWhiz

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Ever heard of the Chicago Way? Guess what – it’s alive and well, in Cook County of course. Old friendships last when politicians are fellow travelers, even if one is in Washington, D.C. and one in Chicago. Now the Cook County Board president, Toni Preckwinkle (whose main attribute is that she is NOT Todd Stroger) banks $100 million from guess whom?

Hurricane Sandy slaps the country across the face. Outcome: unknown.

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Manhattan’s lower east side.

Hoboken “harbor”?

Sandy comes to Lake Michigan at 2 a.m. Photo via Chicago’s own weatherblogger, RebelPundit.com

Some people go to Vegas; others, patriots, do their duty whatever the weather.

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Soldiers guarding the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier today declined to be relieved of duty due to Hurricane Sandy.

Will Illinois(!) go for Romney? Obama’s minority base is awakening. #victory

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As the Obama regime’s political agenda unravels from new Benghazi-gate revelations, there is evidence that his supporters in the black community of Chicago are not content with more of the same for four more years. Check out RebelPundit.com’s interviews at  Breitbart.com.

Show Ty Woods you care – he was there for his country.


Please join your fellow Americans in making a donation to ease the pain of Ty Woods’ family.

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