Wilmette District 39 Board of Education members are seething this week over news that a year-old lawsuit concerning a tax increase referendum has been reinstated by the Illinois Supreme Court. The suit complained that the wording of the referendum on the ballot was misleading to voters; other jurisdictions that used the same wording joined in the suit. The school district, which had been victorious in the referendum as well as the law suit, tells the Trib Local that legal costs will harm their students. The district’s publicist (and we could suggest that maybe the district abolish that job to save money “for the children”) blames the Taxpayers United of America and Wilmette resident Herbert Sorock, both of whom initiated the law suit – even though Sorock has withdrawn from the litigation. Seems as though it is more gratifying for these elected officials to attack a local taxpayer than simply to criticize a non-profit taxpayer advocate group. Read more here.