GOP candidate Tim Wolfe, running for the 9th Congressional District of Illinois, spoke to an enthusiastic crowd at Hackney’s in Glenview Saturday mornning. Wolfe, whose opponent is the radical leftist House member Jan Schakowsky in the newly constituted 9th District, offered a message of reform: he is looking to use his skills as an accountant with his own private sector business expertise to replace ObamaCare with free market solutions, to revamp accounting methods in financial legislation, and to halt the nationalization of education.

Many 9th District residents are unaware that they no longer are in the 10th District – Bob Dold’s 10th district now begins north of Glencoe. Jan Schakowsky (whose husband is a convicted felon) is a poor representative of the values of residents in Winnetka, Wilmette, Kenilworth, Glencoe, Northfield (most of New Trier Twp.) as well as Wheeling Twp. Time to get engaged and support Tim Wolfe.