Longtime friends of Ambassador Rich Williamson (Kenilworth) have been happy to see his experience and views added to the Romney campaign arnsenal over the past few weeks. This morning on Fox News, Williamson addressed the growing controversy over the Obama administration’s mishandling of news about the torture and murder of our ambassador to Libya and three other Americans on the anniversary of 9/11. Obama, who had traveled to Las Vegas for a campaign event on the day of the murders, joined Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and UN Ambassador Susan Rice in blaming the incident on a scrap of YouTube video – when (as clear evidence now shows) they knew almost immediately that Al Qaeda terrorists had planned and executed the attack.

To inoculate Obama prior to his Town Hall debate tonight with Gov. Mitt Romney, Secretary Clinton has offered to “take responsibility” for the poor security surrounding Ambassador Chris Stevens on 9/11/12. Human Events has more on the Clinton sword-fall here. The nation is supposed to wait for a bureaucratic report (due some time after the presidential election). But so far, no one has taken responsibility for the clear cover-up of the facts by the Obama administration, or for the misleading early responses.

In his Fox News review of the issue, in the context of tonight’s Romney/Obama debate, Rich Williamson reminded viewers that the administration has changed its story again and again. He urged Mitt Romney to demand transparency from Obama and to remind the president that the war on terror under his watch has not been a success; targeted killings are not enough. Williamson added that the administration’s objective has been to divert attention away from the death of an American ambassador – the first since the Carter administration. He added that security for ambassadors is a presidential responsibility, a job at which Obama has failed. The American people should have the right to make their own judgements about his stewardship of the country.

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