Reminder folder: Toni Preckwinkle has quite a long resume in Chicago politics. She was a Democrat alderman (4th Ward), very early supporter/promoter of fellow-community organizer Barack Obama, and backer of the radical Democratic Socialists of America, Chicago chapter. Currently she is president of the Cook County Board – and looking pretty good only because she follows Democrat Machine tool Todd Stroger, who slithered into the job on his dying father’s coat tails.

But Toni Preckwinkle is making headlines across the country (Wall Street Journal) with her proposal (10/18/12) to levy a new tax on guns and bullets. The tax would be $.05 on each bullet and $25 on each gun. The rationale? Unprecedented, out-of-control violence on the streets of Chicago that Mayor Rahm Emanuel can’t even manage to slow down. This would be the familiar Democrat reasoning that guns and bullets are to blame for the violence, not the gang members, or the unemployed young people, or the lousy education system, or any other conditions that – read my lips – don’t bring in new revenues to the government.

And where is this Democrat new-think getting a forum only two weeks before the most partisan election in the nation’s history? How about Kenilworth Union Church, on Tuesday, October 23rd.

What are they thinking over there in Kenilworth? Clueless.