In the Wall Street Journal today, James Rosen (Fox News) summarizes the foreign policy cover-up – far surpassing Nixon’s Watergate scandal – that may bring the Obama regime to its knees after the final presidential debate Monday.

As with the Watergate conspirators, who were eager to conceal earlier actions that related to the Vietnam War, the Obama team is determined to portray its pre-9/11 conduct, and particularly its dovish Mideast policies, in the most favorable light. After all, no one wants to have on his hands—even if resulting from sins of omission and not commission—the deaths of four American patriots. Or as Mr. Obama told Jon Stewart on Comedy Central this week, the deaths were “not optimal.”

Rosen covers the three facets of the issue: the failure(s) of leadership during the months before the 9/11 anniversary; the as yet unknown details of the murder of the American ambassador to Libya and three other Americans; and the subsequent Obama administration cover-up of the facts in order to salvage their failed foreign policy meme prior to the presidential election. James Rosen and Catherine Herridge, both reporters for Fox News, deserve Pulitzer prizes for their relentless and poweful coverage of these events.

Until the Obama administration comes clean with the facts, Americans are left using their imaginations to figure out the terrorist murders of Chris Stevens and three other Americans in Libya. This is not a good thing. Not optimal.