If Illinois taxpayers liked the 67 percent personal income tax increase they got in their treat bags last year, they will love the tricky referendum the same legislators have on the ballot for November 6th. Illinois Democrat House Speaker Mike Madigan (and his Democrat Senate co-conspirators) have concocted quite a sweet referendum for unschooled voters – who are thinking they are heading to the polls just to elect a president and U.S. representative. The referendum language would be funny, if the state’s pension woes weren’t so serious. Today’s Chicago Tribune dissects the curiouser and curiouser language in the referendum (as well as the misleading “synopsis” that appears on the ballot).

It doesn’t take much research to understand that the Democrat machine in Illinois has spent decades dragging the state to the bottom of the fiscal swamp. Madigan and Cullerton et al are the elected legislators, Democrats all, who are responsible for the morass, and who remain unwilling to reform their spending, borrowing or taxing habits. Bottom line: what may sound to voters like the ticket to pension reform (in a state where 1/5 of the general funds goes to pension costs), is just a power transfer to the Speaker of the House. Period. Full stop. Vote NO.