Today’s Wall Street Journal editorial page jumped on the bandwagon of economic and political forecasters who are repeating (and repeating) the most dire news about this state’s future. The coastal media analyses the fiscal cliff (which Illinois arguably already has fallen off) with a kind of disconnected sanguinity – they might be thinking: let’s watch Illinois crash, and maybe it will provide some ideas for New York and California, currently at the edge of the same cliff. But Illinois voters, for the umpteenth time, have a choice coming up in only 10 days. That would be not to elect the same Democrat state officials, at every level of government, who are directly and provably responsible for the disaster.

Budget “gimmicks” also became standard practice, as the state pushed bills into
the future and piled up debt to the tune of $8 billion by the beginning of
fiscal 2013. Another culprit is spending outside of the state’s General Fund in
the shadier environs of “special funds.” The extra spending has dug a hole so
large that the state is facing an immediate cash flow crisis—it literally can’t
pay the bills.”

The “budget gimicks” meme brings to mind the mind-numbing word cloud that voters will have to decipher on election day, a.k.a. the referendum on “pension reform.” This boondoggle, whether it is just the cloud or a gift-that-keeps-on-giving to Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan, is a clear “NO” vote.