Hanging over the fiscal cliff from the Congressional bungee jump rope.

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by Timothy Wolfe, 2012 GOP candidate for IL 9th Congressional District

As the media is wont to do, they have overstated a looming problem. Don’t get me wrong, we are facing a big problem. However, given that we have breezed past $16 trillion in debt, Social Security and Medicare are both running at a deficit, and our leaders won’t stand up and do their jobs, I would say we have already fallen off the cliff. The real question is will members of Congress and our President take this occasion to think about the country instead of the next election  (about which, believe it or not, people are already talking ) and make tough decisions by undertaking significant corrections to our wasteful governmental spending.  If we continue on the present path, it will only become harder and harder to recover.

The so called fiscal cliff is the convergence of five major events happening at the end of 2012-beginning of 2013: the 2% Social Security payroll tax holiday expires, the Bush tax cuts expire (why aren’t they called the Obama tax cuts since President Obama extended them in 2010?), other Obama stimulus related tax breaks will also expire, new Obamacare tax hikes will become effective and across the board spending cuts will take effect with the Department of Defense taking the biggest hit. More


Hope and change are mostly about persuasion – and guess what? It’s hard.

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The left’s approach to social policy is to shield people from the American economy, while conservatives’ approach must be to enable them to enjoy its benefits—to enable people to move up rather than to make them more secure in poverty. Conservatives know that this is where our principles point, but we need to make sure that the striving immigrant worker or the struggling single mom knows that too.”

Love this Yuval Levin quote from William McGurn’s take on the Life of Julia in the Wall Street Journal today, which (unfortunately) won the day on Election Day. Waiting around to see if the Americans who need/want assistance come around to conservatism, see the light of free enterprise, embrace the big picture of history – is a failing political strategy. Just ask the Romneys, a family that really does understand the American dream. Our problems remain the same: media, entertainment and public education have made themselves our enemies. Now is the time to take this battle to the enemy.

Let’s roll.

Romney did get it right. #gimmemorestuff

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Dr. Barbara Bellar “not renewed” by medical clinic after opposing ObamaCare.

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Dr. Barbara Bellar’s resume, besides running (unsuccessfully) for the Illinois State Senate earlier in November, has included being a nun, a Major in the army, an attorney, an entrepreneur and a practicing physician. Illinois Women for Romney/Ryan (including conservativeBrand) were inspired by her good humor and insightful commentary on ObamaCare several months ago. Now it’s getting tougher to accept the first week of the Obama second term with a smile.

Freedom’s final front: states free from ObamaCare exchanges.

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Repeal and replace has given way, with Republican defeats in the 2012 election, to hopeless resignation, particularly among baby boomer and other medicare-aged citizens. The end of the story, however, may not yet have been written; the 30-plus GOP governors can change the outlook to “hopeful” if they hold firm and decline to implement ObamaCare Health Insurance Exchanges. The deadline for the decision is tomorrow, Friday, November 16, 2012. New Jersey and Wisconson both will be announcing their decisions then. Read more about exchanges here and here.

As Americans migrate towards these “free” states, and this is the secession movement that makes sense, the blue, “free-stuff” states will begin to look more and more like Detroit. There is every indication that nationalized health insurance will fail in America – it already has failed, with deadly consequences, in much smaller European markets. Then the next generation will have the job of rebuilding – finally replacing – our health system.

Teachers unions and Marxists: they are fellow travelers now. (Don’t pass Go.)

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Breitbart.com journalist Jeremy Segal tried to interview Chicago Teachers Union Veep Sharkey at this week’s protest – union activists are complaining about closure of uneconomical public schools because teacher ranks will be reduced. Sharkey wouldn’t open up, but the local NBC reporter had a pretty (expletive redacted) reaction to Rebel Pundit’s question. There are teachers in Chicago schools, and then their are teachers. They are all union members together though. Is this one more reason to exit the government school system?

ObamaCare may be bearable – that is, if you want to move to a RED state.

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There may still be some choices for health insurance under the new socialist order that is ObamaCare. If Red states hold firm – and this is under debate at the moment in Wisconsin’s new all-Republican legislature – relocating to a non-exchange state may help. Luckily for Illinois residents (where there is no hope, sorry), most of the strong conservative states are in warmer climates or nearby (Indiana as well as Wisconsin.) Read more here.

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