• Check carefully that the voting machine does not switch your vote for Romney/Ryan2012 to Obama as the Republican National Committee has documented in six states; for safety, use a paper ballot.
  • Vote NO on the ballot referendum that purports to address Illinois’ pension mess – really just a bogus fix that transfers power from the Illinois constitution to Democrat Leader Mike Madigan.
  • Vote for state and local Republican candidates to begin to stem the tide of fiscal decline in states like Illinois – or pay the price sooner rather than later.
  • Vote for Romney/Ryan2012 to abolish ObamaCare – more on the mandate and what nationalization of health insurance means in 2014 is exploding daily.
  • Finally, vote for Romney/Ryan2012 for Ambassador Chris Stevens, Glenn Doherty, Sean Smith and Tyrone Woods. They cannot vote Tuesday, or any day. (Latest assessments of the Benghazi cover up here and here.)