Did you get your Stimulus yet?

by Kevin A. Sheridan

Six months ago, my home doorbell rang.  When I opened the door was met by “The UPS guy” who handed me a box while saying, “Sir, you’ll have to sign for that.”  I had no idea what prompted me, but I looked up to him and asked “Is this my Stimulus?”

He laughed and said “I have no idea.”  I said, “I have been waiting for my Stimulus but it never showed up.”   As he made his way back to his truck, I asked, “Did you get your Stimulus yet?”  He started to laugh again and then his face fell somber.

Indeed, there are millions of Americans wondering where their promised Stimulus went.  An equal number of people are wondering why President Obama’s Stimulus had no tangible effect on improving: the economy, sustainable creation of well-paying jobs, the real unemployment rate (which should include the hundreds of thousands of people who have long given up finding a job), and the very real pain being experienced by most American families over the last four years.

Factual news stories describing the Stimulus’ sheer waste and follies such as the $535 million Solyndra debacle and the recent bankruptcy of A123 Systems ($250 million discarded to “create” 400 jobs) are an acidic salt in the wound of these well-intentioned American families.

Let’s use the yardstick most often used by great American business leaders and Entrepreneurs to gauge success, Outcomes.  Not promises, effort, or “hopes” going forward, but Outcomes.

Stimulus I – Did it work?  No.  Simply put, it had no meaningful effect on job creation, improvements to GDP, or consumer confidence.  President Obama’s reaction:  Let’s do it again.

Stimulus II – Did it work?  No; the same flaccid “result” as Stimulus I.  The Obama Administration’s reaction:  Let’s do it again, but let’s brand it something different.

QEIII – If this was a ship, it would quickly remind us of the original source of the phrase “And the Band Played On . . .”  The false expectation being promised by the current President is akin to the futile hope created by the musical band on the deck of the Titanic as it lay listless, slowly sinking into deeper trouble, much like our current economy.

Thus, by any meaningful yardstick, the “outcome” of the President Obama’s Trickledown Government Stimulus is that it has proven to be completely ineffective, twice over.

“And the Band Played On . . . “

A quick look at the President’s home State here in Illinois gives a clear and present picture of what his nearly identical Tax-and-Spend Trickledown Government model portends for the rest of America.  As a State Illinois*:

–           Ranked last in Pension Funding, with an 83 Billion dollar in Unfunded Pension Liability.

–          Accumulates $12.6 Million Dollars in New Debt every day.

–          Ranked 48th in Business Outlook.

–          Since 2008, has lost the 3rd most jobs in the Country.

–          Most telling, net of new residents, Illinois loses one taxpaying Resident every 10 seconds.

Raising Property Taxes every year to cover irresponsible Stimulus spending cannot sustain itself – it is a true House of Cards waiting to collapse.  People here in Illinois are not stupid – they naturally question why their Property Taxes went up year after year, yet they wind up selling their house at a loss.

People also vote with their hearts, minds, and Outcomes.  When they give up and lose faith in their leaders, they vote with their feet.    Illinois is Losing one Resident every 10 seconds – something no one wants for America as a Nation.

A certainly wonderful encouragement for America is that on November 6th, every hardworking American, as well as those who want to get back to work but are unable to find a job, ask themselves, “Did I get my Stimulus yet?

Did they?

Did you?