Repeal and replace has given way, with Republican defeats in the 2012 election, to hopeless resignation, particularly among baby boomer and other medicare-aged citizens. The end of the story, however, may not yet have been written; the 30-plus GOP governors can change the outlook to “hopeful” if they hold firm and decline to implement ObamaCare Health Insurance Exchanges. The deadline for the decision is tomorrow, Friday, November 16, 2012. New Jersey and Wisconson both will be announcing their decisions then. Read more about exchanges here and here.

As Americans migrate towards these “free” states, and this is the secession movement that makes sense, the blue, “free-stuff” states will begin to look more and more like Detroit. There is every indication that nationalized health insurance will fail in America – it already has failed, with deadly consequences, in much smaller European markets. Then the next generation will have the job of rebuilding – finally replacing – our health system.